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*The R.S.S. Republic, leading a Task Force of 5 Titan-Class Battleships and 12 Synthesiser Vessels, moves in between J'tal's vessel and M's Fleet. The Republic and Titans cloak before decloaking in between two of M's battleships, letting loose everything they have.

The Republic's ZPCs tear through the Shields and start causing massive damage to the Hull before the Titans finish the job. The group then recloaks and moves to rendezvous with Allen's forces.

The Synthesisers open fire on M's vessels with their Antimatter Cannons (Iconian weaponry) causing some significant damage.

The Figure watches the screen, seeing what Sam's doing.*

Figure: 'Atta girl.

*Turns to M.*

You know what you are? You're a computer that gained way more knowledge than ANYONE should ever possess.

Knowledge is power. To have infinite knowledge is to have infinite power.

Unfortunately, there's always more to learn, so you can never have all the knowledge... or power. There's only one creature who does, and you're not him.

Oh, before you try and, you know, kill me - I'm not actually here. You're seeing a projection.

By the way, how well armoured is your bridge?

*150 Iconian Vessels join the Synthesiser and Federation-Republic lines.*
*M relaxes and laughs. *

M: Its armored well enough its why I am not panicing. Release protocol 12 and launch our secret weapon. Have our dreadnaughts open fire at will.

*The dreadnaughts open fire and begin nullifying the reinforcements, and soon new vessels launch from the facility and unleash their power by skillfully defending the area. What makes things worse they keep launching..*

M: So our allies have betrayed us. No matter. They will die too.