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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I always thought they had a procc chance to activate.
This was changed a very long time ago. Now you can use EptA to undo the 5 aux limit since it no longer buts heads w/emergancy powers. There was a thread in PvP section debating the OPness of Aux2batt for more details.

To the OP, imo the KDF varient is the best overall ship option the KDF has. There are some other niche ships, but this has a Battle Cloak, nice flexible Boff layout, 7 weapon mounts, 4 Tac consoles.

It's lacking in the sci console layout and also has basically 2 less overall console slots available since you need the console to go in and out of Tactical mode.

The KDF version also takes a hit on shield regen and buffer compared to the Fed version.

Still, it also has the +30 targeting option which can let you get away w/less +ACC mods and more CritH or CritD mods.

The shield vamp can be nice to refill if there's more than 1 ship in your forward 90 espcially. The Lotus is nasty w/GDF and Tac buffs, and even for Sci Captain it's another nice AoE damage option.

Compared to Raiders even w/shield issues, is much better at sticking around a fight to apply more damage. Also, it has 7 weapon mount points compared to 6.

Again, the battle cloak fits the hit & run style better than the other KDF destroyer options.

Unlike the Fed Escorts, the KDF have no 5 Tac console options. So, from a KDF perspective nothing is lost there.

As far as the Fed version goes, the question isn't "is it better suited than an escort for spike damage (it's not)". But, is it better suited as a light cruiser that won't cross support much, but instead be somewhat self sustaining while doing near Fed Escort spike damage. I could see where this would fit in nicely w/Vestas (iirc that's the Fed multimission sci boat) and perhaps a Tholian Sci support ship to support the Vestas/Chimeras for a squad of massive debuffs and solid damage output.