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Ok devs, new romulus is annoying but it is beatiful.

All ground missions in new romulus are annoying, tag epoch is terrible annoying (reward is ok but is annoying)!

The mission "romulus montain pass" appeared in my task list and to do it, I first need to get another quest in montain pass (it sound a bit stupid, get another mission to do the first mission or do not?). After some time another mission appeared in my task list, web access, and I need the "codes" from montain pass to complet it. Why I can not drop it? I will not do these missions!

I am not big fan of ground missions. All missions on the ground looks the same to me. The missions in new romulus are worst because they not have episodes (like klingon, romulan mystery, breen invasion,etc.) and all ground missions are time wast to grind the new and anoying marks.