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*M relaxes and laughs. *

M: Its armored well enough its why I am not panicing. Release protocol 12 and launch our secret weapon. Have our dreadnaughts open fire at will.

*The dreadnaughts open fire and begin nullifying the reinforcements, and soon new vessels launch from the facility and unleash their power by skillfully defending the area. What makes things worse they keep launching..*

M: So our allies have betrayed us. No matter. They will die too.

*Odyssey bridge*

James: Sam you have impeccable timing. Alright lets get to work, Field C is the weakest point but is also being defended by blasts from the flag ship. We need another break through point.

Wax: Sir I have an idea.

James: I am all ears Commander.

Wax: What is that human saying about being on the goalline?

James: *Slightly smiles* A wonderful Idea. Dangerous but probably our only chance.

Have the battlegroups form up and push forward and make a gap.

*Outside the frames begin to resonate slightly.
Sam: Helm, do you see those frigates? You know, the ones you're charging into?

Helm: Sorry, sir.

Sam: No, don't stop!

Matt: Intention being?

Sam: Intention being I intend to shove those ZPCs right down their throats!

Load an MAM into a torpedo casing!

T'mar: Stand by.


Sam: Wait for it.

Fire the ZPCs!

*The Republic opens up on one of the three Frigates with the ZPCs, breaching her shields.*

And... NOW!

*As the Republic is just a few hundred meters from collision, she banks hard starboard and fires the torpedo, which hits the frigate and starts an matter-antimatter cascade reaction, destroying the frigate and catching the other two in the blast, with the Republic just barely clearing it.*

Okay, 3 down... 500 more to go.

David: More like 800!

Sam: Why can things never be easy?

Who's commanding the Iconian Forces?

David: First Commander Loki'fauson.

Sam: Hail him.

*The image of the Iconian Commander appears on screen.*

Commander, can you bring your ships around onto those Dreadnoughts?

Loki'fauson: They're suppressing us too hard! I've already lost 10 ships!

Sam: What about the Command ship?

Loki'fauson: We may be able to hit that, but it'll cost me many vessels.

Sam: Stand by.

Get me the Synthesisers.

*Loki'fauson's image is replaced by Sam 2's.*

Can you bring your ships 'round to lift the heat off the Iconians?

Sam 2: We're on it!

Sam: Loki'fauson.

*The image switches again to the Iconians.*

You're good to go! The Synthesisers will cover you!

Loki'fauson: Understood!

*The transmission terminates and the viewscreen shows M's Command ship, now being battered by the Iconian Anti-matter Cannons.*

Matt: Sam, *Walks up to her.* Even if we break through their shields, it's going to be a hard push to actually breach that armour.

Sam: I know. You here about the Rommel Assault 100 years ago?

Matt: Yeah. Your Great-Grandfather slowed his forces down somehow, didn't he?

Sam: No guarantees this will work, and even if it does there is no guarantee we'll survive it.

Matt: What are you thinking?

Sam: I'm thinking...

*looks at the pendant around her neck, glowing a soft blue.*

I'm thinking someone had better do their job.

*M's ship. The figure senses what's happening.*

Figure: Siraga, any time now.

*Turns to M.*

Well, I'll give you one thing, M. You're not easily convinced. You think you're a God? A God has to have infinite power and infinite knowledge. That's something you can never achieve. You fancy yourself a God? Please! You're nothing more than a glorified mainframe who doesn't know when he's exceeded his memory capacity!

*On J'tal's ship, Siraga moves over to him and heals his wounds.*

Siraga: The Guardians fight again.


*Siraga's body starts to glow blue fiercely as figures appear either side of him. First a couple, then a dozen. Shedai, Guardians, Sentinels...

All over the Fleet, members of the Guardian races appear in blue flashes, healing the crews and helping to shield the ships, waiting for Allan and Sam to make their move.*
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