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I have another thing I don't like and sort of bug me from a realism point of view. Why do NPC ship fly so slow. I do my rom daily everyday and something wrong when I fly around a frigate (pick one) with my odyssey overtaking them at 1/2 engine power. Are NPC captain so dumb that they choose to combat at such a low speed as to take there defense rating at a ridiculous low point? How can you loose? If I flew with my defiant always at 1/4 speed hitting evasive once in while, I'd get blown up a lot too.

NPC are way too dumb, I play all missions on elite and apart from STF or No Win nothing offer really a challenge in space (Tholians are annoying more than anything else ). Elite should be tough, not the cake walk it is now. There is Normal for those who want easy and advanced for those you do not want too hard but a challenge, Elite should be much harder, not just a hull and weapon buff on NPC otherwise it defeat the point of playing elite other than better loot.

And before someone mention it, I'm talking about space NPC and combat. I find ground more balanced, there is quite a bit of a difference when you kill a boss on normal or elite, on elite you better be well prepared or you'll respawn a lot with your boffs.

As an exemple, I do rom daily with my tac in 15-20 min using Jem Attack ship on elite, nice to do it quick but there is no challenge in it or very little.
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