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12-31-2012, 01:27 PM
They removed the STF store to make way for the "new and improved" rep system, which not getting into the whole dil/ec/grind of it was supposed to be the gateway to new and improved endgame gear.

This game has so many options for space sets now, but the problem is the only 3 that are viable are still the Borg, MACO, Omega ones. I leveled a new character post season 7 release and the whole time had the hopes they'd add the Aegis set to the Rep system and finally give it the re-balance it needs because the visuals are amazing for it, but the stats just plain suck. Not only did any of this not happen, but from what everyone is saying all the space sets in the rep system are the same as before or copy/paste.

A Positron deflector shouldn't have better hull/shield stats then an endgame grindfest one.

Shields of any space set should have anti-borg stats

Endgame engines should all have the driver coil/transwarp 14 bonus, effective at high/low energy and either increased turn or increased speed.

Basically really it should come down to simply which one you like the best visually and which one has the best stats for you, not which one you'll suffer with because it has the best everything. One thing I would really love to see happen is that the set bonuses become "rep system piece bonuses" meaning it doesn't matter what "set" the pieces are from and the set bonus and visuals are customization.

for example I would have for a 3 piece set bonus:

%5 defense

reactive shielding

+30 to shield emitters

(just for random example)

Borg Engine

Maco shield

Breen Deflector

Aegis Visuals