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Originally Posted by lordrelentless View Post
Fore weapons: Two Dual Beam Antiproton Advanced Fleet, one Anti-borg Antiproton DHC, One Tricobolt Anti-borg Acc X 3 device all MK XII
Aft weapons Two Spiral Disrupters (MK Ini) One Rapid Reload Transphasic Torpedo MK XI, One Breen Transphasic Torpedo Mine launcher (Mk Ini).

Deflector M.A.C.O. MK XII
Shields M.A.C.O. MK XII

All cons: Three Neutronium MK XII Purple Plating (engineering) 50% reduction to all damage.
The Breen Energy Dissipation unit (universal), MK XII Shield Regeneration Setting unit +17% shield regen rate purple (science), two MK XII Emitter Array both +15% to shields.
Universal Graviton Emitter (tactical slot), MK XII Transphasic Compressor Blue +29% damage by all transphasic devices. TCB Subspace Infuser MK X (Blue).

Devices: Shield Battery X 20, Polaron Dirupter Sat X 10, Engine Battery X 10

BoFF Ability:
Ensing Universal: Engineer; Fire At Will 1,
Cmndr Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Beam Fire At will III, Target Engines I, Dispersal Pattern Beta III.
Lieutenant Tactical: Beam Overload I, Torpedo Spread II.
L. Engineering: Engineering Team 1, Reverse Shield Polarity.
Lt Cmndr Science: Polarize Hull I, Siphon Energy I, Feedback Pulse II

And equipped doFFs: Purple Engineer: reduce energy subsystem drain when using directed energy modulation, Blue Damage Control Engineer chance to reduce recharge time for emergency power to subsystem abilities, Blue Tractor Beam Officer (used when I swap to the Borg set), Purple Photonic Studies, Purple Astrometrics Scientist.

I'll have to agree with some of my collegues here:

The AP is a good choice you can afford to put all DHC's on the front- you have the maneuveribility to make them work. Lose the spirals on the rear and fit the removed beams from the front here, or better yet use TURRETS !!!

Lose the dissapator console, and maybe both of the emitter amp consoles- the maco shield already has a great recharge rate. Get a Field generator or 2 and an emitter array console.

Put on at least 2 AP mag regulators in place of the graviton emitter and something else (hopefully you got the energy dissapator in a tac slot), might consider losing the tricobalt console as well for another AP console.

Now for the BOFF's:
Your so inefficient here because your trying to be a torpedo boat with beams but totally ignoring your most powerful weapons and attribute- DHC's and excellent turn ability. There are MANY good setups at stoacademy so I won't list what you need to change but IMHO you definitely need APOmega and hazard emitters somewhere in there, and move those torpedo skills to lower levels and let the higher ranking TAC officers USE those DHC's to their potential (CSV and CRF).

YUK-Neutronium armour is too generic, if you specialize you'll get better protection, suggest an ablative, a tetrabernium and a monotanium.
Oh, and use a torp DOFF or 2- they make torp spread do magical things, and if you can get a THY in there you should get a better firing rate when you chain the torp abilities.
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