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12-31-2012, 01:37 PM
i concluded early on this would be the perfect ship to pve in, it has escort weapons and firepower, cruiser hitpoints, plenty of turn rate to keep npcs in your sight, and a generous number of slots to equip all the heals you could need.

but, its not going to be overly impressive in pvp. its the worst turning escort, but more durable. but an escort isn't really meant to tank damage, but out maneuver and avoid damage. it also can slot EWP, a person al favorite of mine that pared with a tractor beam can negate any turn rate disadvantage your ship may have. it also cant slot AtB with tech doffs very well, a great help at turning otherwise inferior ships into dangerous tactical forces to be reckoned with. it all results in a fairly unoptimal combination.

i see a couple of unique options with it though, a fast moving polaron beam array tet glider and energy draining boat, a good tranny and TBR boat, and maybe even a strong TB + torp, beam and cannon alpha strike boat. but general all cannon, or cannon+beam/torp escort? good luck with that.
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