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Tragamites is correct. I have this console and suffice it to say cloaking is a waste of time now for most enemies. My wide angle QT gets them every time. My complaint about cloaking in general is that on the defiant class escort, I can never re-cloak mid-battle even if I am not targeted! Maybe its just a bug or something, but I'd use it more often. I also wish we could put that cloak on any ship we wanted. I mean, why not? OP arguments aside, it would be nice to cloak and heal from time to time.

I plan on starting a Klingon character soon. They are especially formidable players in PVP.
There are different kinds of cloaks.

A basic cloak can only be engaged out of combat. Similar to MES this way.

A Battle Cloak (BC) can be engaged while in combat if you have aux power and you aren't under an effect which prevents cloak.

An Enhanced Battle Cloak (EBC) is only available on B'rels and can torps/mines w/a brief 3 second decloak. It can also use some Boff powers not available to other cloaks while cloaked. Similar to MEF this way w/o the AoE though.

There is a timer for all cloaks as mentioned before that starts after a full decloak. It can be lengthened by an SNB (potentionally by Boarding Parties as well, it's rare those are effective in PvP).