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*OOC: Its through the side plus it missed the veins. He is bleeding badly at the moment.*

James: I think it hit a kidney.. Medic if you would so kindly... get to work.
Medic: Right.

*He moves over to Allen and begins to examine the wound.*

I can't do anything here.

Sam: Can we move--?

Medic: We move him and his insides are going to spill all over the deck!

Matt: His insides are already spilling all over the deck!

Medic: Okay. Sampson, go back to the ship and get a surgery kit. I'll have to operate here.

Captain, Commander, you just became nurses.

*He takes out a dermal regenerator and hands it to Matt, who's on the same side as the wound, and hands a Medical Tricorder to Sam.*

If his pulse drops below 12bpm shout out.

Okay, Captain? I'm going to give you an anaesthetic while I operate on you.

*Sampson comes back and passes the Medic a Surgical Kit.*

Okay, lets get to work.

*He injects Allen with a Hypo of anaesthetic to numb the pain and grabs a laser scalpel.*

First, I need to see how much...

Oh crap.

Sam: What do you mean "oh crap"?

Medic: It's gone right through his kidney.

Okay, bad news Captain. You're gonna lose a kidney.

*The medic spends 5 minutes cutting out the damaged Kidney and closing off the breached blood vessels before closing Allen up.*

Now we can move him.

How do you feel, Captain?

*Sam and Matt move him onto a stretcher and the medic stays at his side as they move him to the Republic's Sick Bay.*

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