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12-31-2012, 03:10 PM
It makes no since that the Breen set from the story mission and the 2 breen Torps give no Bonus or ability when equiped on the Breen Ship. The Jem and the Galor do. Why was this over looked? or did I miss something or is there an ability that it does grant that I am missing? The 1st day I got the ship I equiped the Breen set and went to test it out by doing a Foundry Royal Rumble and noticed my Hull said %125. I was like this is nice a %25 increase in hull for the Set equiped on the Breen ship but after the mission it never happeded again so I guess that was a bug. Come on Cryptic there should be should be something we get for equiping the Breen Set on the Breen ship.