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12-31-2012, 04:11 PM
I got it on my main eng cruiser toon. Only one I bothered to get this puppy on, and am quite enjoying how I setup my beam boat (AP Mk XII Borg arrays, MACO Mk XII, other assorted STF / C-Store toys,) and am quite surprised that this boat 'feels' like the gift that it's supposed to be, from devs that aren't known for 'giving' much away. (Surprised a lil, that I didn't need 50 C-points or something, to unlock the racing, given how good this breen vessel is.) Saying this, don't expect to fully tank in STF elites, since this is a tac-cruiser battlecruiser hybrid vessel, meant more for tac use than eng use, though I as an eng have more than enough ability to use this vessel.

I don't have sympathy for those that were around, and couldn't make the time. (Which is why I don't have the TNG Worf sash... oh well...) I 'do' have sympathy for those that couldn't log on, due to the holidays, or due to technical issues that plauge this game, for certain users. Course every person's computer is different from other users, like grains of sand and whatnot. However I think an extension is unnecessarily. I 'do' think this ship should be made available for 'next' Winterland Q Fest whatever, for those to look forward to, 'next' Christmas. No reason not to, as I see it. One can really plan, and hold onto those silly pics, from this year, for next, and get the Breen ship next year, really early.

Oh, and be sure you have the Breen Boff as your main tac officer in slot, since it's cool to see a Breen face pop up, while doing missions. =^^=