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12-31-2012, 03:12 PM
MOST Cmdr rank ships won't survive in ESTFs. The Borg just do too much damage. One of the only ships I would dare even try it in is the Cmdr Excel, since it's pretty tanky, but tbh, I hate that ship, so I will stick to my Oddy and Chel'gret thanks much.

In normal STFs, you can win in a Type 8 Shuttle. That's how pitiful the enemies are. Also normals are facerolls requiring very little brainpower and only mk VI weapons. Basically Normal STFs are a joke, and should NEVER be used as a test on what works and what doesn't. And anyone who sticks to just normals shouldn't post on what works and what doesn't.

Is there a reason to grab Cmdr level ships from the C-store? YES. The unique consoles they come with are sometimes VERY awesome (especially on the KDF side). Other than that though, not really. You're better off getting a VA ship.

And for the record, you only get a discount on a fleet ship if you have the VA c-store ship, NOT the Cmdr level one.
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