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hm. the basic idea I agree. I use two grav wells and full AoE, and that is what this ship was designed for (its also good for catching heavy torps, supporting team, by not letting them die).

however do not say, that with such a build, you have to use the aux. if you go full aux power, you lose insane amounts of dps. in this setup there is no point in going full aux, since you would only use it with grav wells, and for healing. for that a simple battery will suffice.

if I go full aux power, and minimum weapons power, I get 63/25 in my weapons. for the turrets that means, from dealing 700 dps they go down to 266. that is extreme amounts of dps you are losing, for a bit stronger gravity well and a bit of healing bonus
You should probably go back and re-read that post.

Originally Posted by pwstolemyname View Post
So use the aux cannons and run your aux at full. with standard captain skills your weapons power should still be boosted to medium levels even when set to the minimum so you will still have plenty for turrets (which draw very little power) aft.