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Originally Posted by allmytee View Post
Cruisers are just ok, but currently except for the reason "i like how it looks" there is no reason to choose a cruiser over an escort.
Reading what you'v said right here makes me think the real problem is that a lot of people WANT to play escorts but feel forced (presumably by their love of the show's big ships) to play cruisers. Of course other simply want to have a nearly stationary invincible gun battery. I suspect this is why so many people clamor for the Typhon Battleship, they hope it'd be just that.

Cruisers have a certain playstyle that is wholly different than escorts, they are not meant to play the same way at all, nor do the exact same damage, nor move the same way, nor tank the same. That said, which cruiser you fly makes a huge difference. Ships like the Galaxy and the Starcruiser are very, VERY engi and sci leaning, so much so that they are practically gimped before you even get them in your hangar IMHO! If you feel that your tactical oriented cruiser is not pulling its weight then something is definitely wrong though, and probably with you and not the ship.

Of course, it could also be a matter of focus. Players really need to understand that Escorts destroy one target at a time while cruisers are masters of the furball. I take my engi cruiser to Starbase 24 all the time and assuming no disconnects or lag outs I usually come in first or second, a feat my escort could never hope to accomplish.