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I totally agree with you.Its not fun stay disabled for more than half of the fight and even dies sometimes for trash mobs like that.
I can extend your demand to those borg cubes and their non stop torpedo launchers and the borg ***** it self,beside all non-cooldown and op skills they give to her a built in acent assimilator,and you dont have even a damn warning when she gonna use to stop toattack her and not suicide and not kill your entire team,hive space is just a pain with no loot or accolades.
Leanrr to program the encounters dammit.tholians and the borgs are just annoying as they are now,not challenging.
I think you quoted the wrong post, since every point you just made in this rather... difficult to read response went against everything I just said.

I still stand by what I said though. Leave em as is, if they didn't have this ability, they would be too easy. I mean a full group of well built escorts can wipe out support fleets faster than they can get weapons offline, and if you a properly built cruiser paying attention, they can keep their own weapons online, and also keep other ships weapons online.

Another tip: don't bother with your tactical teams. The tholians use phased tetryon weapons, so your shields will be gone pretty quickly anyways. And their BAs and torps don't do enough damage to warrant needing to re-distribute quickly. Instead, focus more on ET, since it can bring subsystems back online, and WAIT on your EPtW, only hitting it when you lose your weapons. After I started doing this, my damage output against the Tholians practically quadupled, since my weapons weren't offline for nearly as long.

And if you are attacking the Tarantulas, expect to not have weapons real often, since their BFAW also procs SST. But they are the capital group, so of course they won't be easy. Your best bet would be to have an oddy or bort aggro the whole group, then you have the rest of the team pick one of the tarantulas, isolate it, CC it, and kill it, then repeat with the other one, then finish off the enemy fleet.
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