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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
So basically it still boils down to Beam arrays are too costly and do too low damage for it and need to be buffed and bit. We really need something comparable to the DHCs in effeciency and damage-wise that wouldn't be bad too.
Cruisers are to slow and don't do enough damage which needs to be buffed somehow, but tank fine though the escorts still make it look easy fast littel bastards. So hard to hi.......

Anyways, the escence of the gripe hasn't changed.

So I'll say what I always say.

Heavy Beam arrays = basically the DHC's of beams. Yeah, thier still a 60 degree FA but what does one expect on a beam weapon that has lower degridation over range, does DHC similiar damage and can be buffed by BO3? A cruiser is not an escort though such an FA should be fine and balance the weapon with the game. Now the Cruiser can spike like the Escort.

Changes the existing FA's on all Beam and Cannon weapon to thus,

Beam Arrays = 270 FA. They keep same stats. BA remain the "easy weapon" choice in STO. (as an additon lower thier drain to 8)

Single cannon = 250' FA. Much media has talked on how cannon would be mounted down the length on KDF ships so why does the single cannon suffer as a broad side weapon? It has lower DPV than a Beam Array and even at Mk12 its DPS is not outstanding. Why is this weapon this bad?

Dual Beam Banks = Open them up to 180 Degree's but keep all other stats the same. They already do way more than a Dual cannon on any day say why would they need a damage buff?

Dual Cannons = open them to 90' FA. Buff thier damage to 200 DPV. Keep DPS the same. They suck under a 45 FA for the shytte damage they do.

Heavy Beams = see above. Basically though at Mk 12 they are the same as DHCs but the stats look something like this for a white { 420 DPV / 200 DPS }. It keeps with the beams are high DPV/low DPS concept.

Dual Heavy Cannons = They stay the same, as they are perfect.

Quad cannons = Need help, as I think they lack the credentials to be considered a completely viable weapon.

In additon add a form of Beam turrets to the game. What would it hurt?

Then add a few more BOff abilities to help the Cruisers perform better and that the avertage cannon wielding escort will most likely only dabble in;

Fire For Effect = The Beam version of Cannon rapid fire but set its start at Ensign and cap out at LTC. If one can't take basically the focused version of CRF for beams and make it work to really good damage then I do not know what to say or do at this point. Its a direct damage buff for beams in addition to BO.

Cannon Overload = Name needs work but basically the cannon version of Beam Overload, inluding ridiculus drain.

Otherwise I can't agree wth half the stuff I see in these threads as it all quickly devolves into fan built-up wants that leave baalnce behind for te most part.

Frankly put, its theage of the Escort in STO. Don't fear it though as it was once the age of teh Cruiser and the Science vessel at one time and the Age of the Escort will pass too.

I just don't want the game to roll back into the other three again and just start the cycle all over again so in 9-12 months having the Escort/Tacs complaining about balance etc.

They cant balance anything by continually putting the next "class" in the limelight.
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