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What I had been hoping to see and don't is a deflector with a large flowcapacitor bonus, currently i'm using a tachyon deflector mk XII with a single flwc bonus on it since it was the best I could find, the 10% cooldown is attractive but might not overcome the loss of skill effectiveness in use
We need a good offensive science deflector with decent Graviton generators, Particle generators and Flow Capacitor bonuses. Additionaly stuff like Subspace Decompiler and science counters can be added as an affix.

The cooldown reduction is great and all, but what good is it if it leaves your powers weakened.

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Think on this 3 purple photonic science doffs offer 60 percent reduction in cool down time for Photonic officer abilities, add the deflector that reduces science cool downs by 10 percent. That's 70 percent reduced cool down. Photonic Officer II according to the sto wiki reduces all bridge officer timers by 32 percent and Photonic Officer II is a bridge officer ability. That 102 percent cooldown reduction of Photonic Officer. Photonic Officer II offers a 32 percent reduction in cooldowns for tac and eng power for 60 seconds and with the fleet deflector it becomes 42 percent reduced cooldowns for other sci powers.

Cannon rapid fire for example would effectively be reduced almost forever from 30 seconds to 20.8 seconds.

Just a thought.
Do photonic doffs stack? Even if they do, those slots could be better used elsewhere.
Do note that photonic officer does not reduce its own cooldown, and many bonuses on different pieces of equipment do not necessarily stack additively.
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Not yet but atm we can do educated guess with 90% probability

Scorpion fighters from Romulans reputation are exactly same as peregrines just use plasma weapons.

The elite version of scorpion is same as advanced one but have high yield 1. So based on this elite peregrines will be same as purples ones we have atm but will have additional high yield 1 skill.

Pretty powerfull stuff considering you can launch 6 per hangar...
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No fleet has tier 5 science yet, so we don't know. But it's a good bet that the Elite Scorpions provide the template; they gain an ability (HY1) and have an improved weapon (a turret in place of their pulse cannon).

I'm guessing that Elite Peregrines and To'dujes get the same, a turret and HY1.
It's also just as possible fleet peregrines could have something different. My guess would be cannon: rapid fire, but that would still be nice to have.

The real question is what the other hangar craft will have?