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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
I absolutely hate it when devs delay content. If a specific piece of content is ready, then it should be released. Not released a couple of months from now. Considering that minigames and ship interiors don't require the full team to do, then they should be released when they are ready not by taking priority over other important content. Besides customizable ship interiors are waiting on tech from Neverwinter so the STO team has to wait for it to be transferred to them and adapt it from a medieval setting for creating dungeons to a Star Trek setting for creating ship interiors.
umm think you need to reread my post. I was not talking about delaying season 8, rather that they delay whatever was planned for season 9 which wouldn't be developed yet. I was referring to a lot more than just mini-games, again actually re-read it thoroughly and slower this time. I also mentioned bug fixes and many other things. the whole "waiting on x,y,z from Neverwinter" is a bs line for why interiors haven't been improved, and really you think they're just going to add customization interiors without some type of grind fest, functionality not customization through grinding. Again please re read my original post and slower this time so you read the whole thing and not just skim through it.