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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Honestly I will disagree that this is broken myself. These weapons only have one roll... honesty if each and every roll of the over time weapons got an independent crit chance roll... the dmg would go up by quite a bit.

In other MMOs... DOT type dmg is not even allowed to crit.

That might a good solution for STO... remove all dots from being able to crit at all... and adjust there dmg properly. (this would go a long way to equalizing the tacs do way more dmg in a sci ship that bothers so many people as well... it would also correct crit chaining issues, and not be a solution that multiplies server load)
The damage wouldn't go up by quite a bit. The damage would even out. So there would be fewer instances of each dot being critical and many more where there were some instances of some dots being critical.

I mean as it is now it's all or none right? So at exactly the chance of getting that first crit you do superb damage, or you miss and do sub par damage.?

Or is this like some posts suggests that there ARE rolls for each dot, just that the first crit assures that all future rolls would be crits? Because if it is the latter that may indeed be design. In a system where the crit rate was set low, but the reward for critting was very high that might make sense. But if you can manipulate the system to have a good chance of getting a crit straightaway, not so good.

And the more I stare at this, the more I think the idea of removing crits from dots has serious merit. That would fix that right up!

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