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Commodore, at least from a US Navy Perspective, IS Rear Admiral Lower Half. It was changed in the US Navy at 1985, I believe (assuming I am remembering the date correctly). the only reason I know of that it is never mentioned past TOS is, since the ranks reflected real life US Navy ranks, Starting with TNG on, the rank of Commodore was replaced with Rear Admiral Lower Half.

Bottomline, it is a defunt and old rank, it no longer exists. If you want to call your Rear Admiral Lower half a Commodore, that is your choice, I am not going to argue about that. But the rank insignia would be the same as it is essentially a one star Admiral.

And again, for the games story purposes, the rank would have been out of rotation for 150 to 200 years.
actually this is not true. I was in the Navy for 11 years and during my last few years my ship answered to a Commodore. His actual rank was Captain but because he had a minesweeper fleet answering to him he was titled Commodore. Minesweeper CO's were usually Commanders.
As it stands the Commodore is a positional title and no longer a rank.