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As much I would agree we dont need the TOS medical uniform we also dont need the so called Voyager uniform and also we dont need the Veterans uniform varient either, reason as following.

If you add the so called "voyager" uniform you also have to add all the other uniform varients we have seen, that is 2 more WoK variants, TNG had the two variants as did the DS9/VOY uniform that became the standard uniform by the end of the movies (not counting JJ Trek).

You could say "it should show the first version" and I would agree but even that runs into problems as the TOS uniform first version was of "The Cage" that had differences, also that would eliminate the later seasons/last movies uniform since its a variant.

My only complains is that for some strange reason the MACO version being used is the Adapted MACO that is a very strange choice, also I do not think it should have the Veterans version but rather the Odyssey (Fleet) Uniform.

And no to the All Good Things ... I do use it but still, its something from Alternative Timelines that never happened in Trek, the line would ONLY display Uniforms used by Starfleet, not every single choice there is.
Let's see:
1 Enterprise Uniform
2 The Cage Uniform
3 TOS uniform
4 TOS wrap-around Tunic
5 TMP Uniform
6 TNG S1/S2 Uniform
7 TNG S3-S7 Uniform
8 DS9/VOY Uniform
9 TNG Film/DS9 later Uniform
10 All Good Things Uniform (25 years after TNG through 2408)
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