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Originally Posted by raptor63549 View Post
It's also just as possible fleet peregrines could have something different. My guess would be cannon: rapid fire, but that would still be nice to have.

The real question is what the other hangar craft will have?
Good question, and we just don't have much basis for speculation. These are just WAGs.

I expect the Elite Runabouts will have Tractor Beam III, at the very least. Maybe even Torp Spread I to go with their Chronitons.

Delta Flyers have shield-stripping powers, perhaps Elite Flyers will get Target Subsytem: Shields I.

The Type 10 shuttles are currently worthless, supplementing their beam array with a dual beam bank and Beam Overload would give them a bit more punch.

On the KDF side, I'd anticipate Elite Birds-of-Prey to get their powers upgraded to CRF3 and HY3, and maybe their cannons upgraded from duals to dual heavies.

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