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is still way too strong.

it seems to apply with the first crit as soon as the resist wears off.

it completely distrupts any powers that has a continued apply to it. which happens to be a few science powers and the vesta lance console, and the galaxy x lance.

this single passive has made tractor beams, tachyon beams nearly useless.

known powers it interrupts and puts on their cooldown-

maco heavy grav beam
sub nuc beam
tachyon beams
tractor beams
the vesta lance
the galaxy x lance

all these powers (including a captain power and 2 powers you buy with real money) are effected.

it doesnt matter how high your sensor rating is either, or your defense against sensor related skills. it procs and lasts the full 2 seconds and puts those powers on cooldown if theyre being used when you get proc'd.

the 20% also feels way off, it seems to proc the moment you get a crit when the immunity is not there. (this could use some confirmation)

im tired of science always being on the recieving end
They admitted that science powers were mistakenly nerfed with S5 because the Dev in charge didn't take the new resists that were added into account (still not sure why they needed a nerf to begin with, but they did it anywya). It has been a solid year now and they still haven't undone that mistake. This just compounds the problem because it is severely reducing the ability to be effective with the few Sci powers that still work well.
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We actually really don't like A2B, but it's a bit of a "third rail" situation. When we have the right fix to it, someday, we'll probably possibly maybe make it.