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Originally Posted by jamesburtchell View Post
another question is why the hell do we want another rep to grind for? i'm not even done with the omega or rommies reps yet
and WHY are you grinding them? i.e. if you really didn't WANT to, you wouldn't be doing it, would you?

I admit though, that maicake716 has a point about balance-but I don't SEE much evidence that the continuing power-creep in the game is going to abate-one of the reasons I set this up to start at L25 instead of 50, is to assist newer players/toons in becoming at least marginally competitive by the time they're at L50 against "admirals' who've spent the last half year alternating between STF and the PvP ques. (Now STF, Romulan "content" and PvP ques).

For instance, I have characters on both sides of the S7 dividing line-one on the pre-S7 and one Post-S7, and their ability to compete not only in PvP but also in PvE at the same level is UTTERLY unbalanced by Legacy gear and access to effective weapons that now require a massive investment "endgame" in order to obtain, which in turn demands a huge amount of grinding.

I suspect the costs at T4 of this proposed system are LOWER, esp. if a player's been working this while levelling a new toon, and at T5, less burdensome since instead of having to go through 50 levels (or 25 for KDF) before you can even start, a hypothetical toon that's started in this system will BE competitive by 50 (say, Tier 3 or 4), with or without STF gearing.
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