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I just unlocked the Mk XII beam arrays, and was disappointed to see they are so expensive. Don't get me wrong this is not meant as a complaint, just as a concern, and here's why:
Plasma type weapons won't really be a good option for PVP, because most will have a MACO or Omega shield. So no use there. In PVE, they would certainly be useful, but I have a few thoughts. First, at 28,000 dil plus, I'll have a LOT of grinding to do to outfit a ship. And from what I see the best options are either acc x2 or dmgx2. Which is great, but lets take dmgx2 for a moment: I could spend over 125,000 dil for six of them. OR, I could get fleet plasma beam arrays for less than HALF the dilithium cost, they would do more damage, and be more accurate. (Assuming I got the acc modifier). This would allow me to still take advantage of the Romulan singularity harness. The only thing I would be lacking is the damage resistance proc. But is that ONE proc worth WELL over 60,000 dil? What are your opinions /advise? Thanks!