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12-31-2012, 11:17 PM
It really depend on the ship your equipping them on. My ship, a Tac Oddy with engineer has seen a huge improvement running acc2 romulan plasma beams, but the key was having 3 sci console slots to utlize the + plasma damage romulan consoles. Combined with the experimental romulan 2 set piece bonus the USS ORCA has + 28% damage, or just shy of a 4th tac console worth of damage.

Brody is also my pvp character. A word to the wise, the shield resistance on maco, omega and borg, is just that, shields only. My primary concern in PvP is healing, but I also provide solid pressure damage, shield resistance or not. I think a Tac Escort is likely better off running different weapons simply because they already have an abundance of innate tac console slots. My friend and fleetmate, Stormy, runs a Tac Vesta and guess what, it has 4 sci console slots ontop of 4 tac console slots. Needless to say that is an aweful lot of burn!

Some ships will do well with romulan plasma, others not so much. Poor Bug hehe.