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01-01-2013, 12:55 AM
Originally Posted by cyresofbsgo View Post
a thought I had, that would help alleviate this problem and many KDF looking for a group problems would be:

allow a T4 Diplomat, or Marauder, to invite the opposite faction into a team.
this is actually a nice idea..

though - people are you serious? KDF has contraband, more than a FED officer is ever going to be dreaming of. FED's have.. MORE of everything else, that is true

i think the situation is fine as is. You wanna team for epohh? Ask in your fleet channel, or in any other cross-zone faction channel you are using, there are people like you all over the game.

I often meet people with more than 1 KDF alt and we arrange a deal where we go through the tagging with more alts one after another.

This is an MMO, talk to people, or be content with 19 - 23 epohhs/run..