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It really depend on the ship your equipping them on. My ship, a Tac Oddy with engineer has seen a huge improvement running acc2 romulan plasma beams, but the key was having 3 sci console slots to utlize the + plasma damage romulan consoles. Combined with the experimental romulan 2 set piece bonus the USS ORCA has + 28% damage, or just shy of a 4th tac console worth of damage.

Brody is also my pvp character. A word to the wise, the shield resistance on maco, omega and borg, is just that, shields only. My primary concern in PvP is healing, but I also provide solid pressure damage, shield resistance or not. I think a Tac Escort is likely better off running different weapons simply because they already have an abundance of innate tac console slots. My friend and fleetmate, Stormy, runs a Tac Vesta and guess what, it has 4 sci console slots ontop of 4 tac console slots. Needless to say that is an aweful lot of burn!

Some ships will do well with romulan plasma, others not so much. Poor Bug hehe.
Forgive my apparent ignorance even after all my time playing, but what sci consoles boost plasma damage? Off the top of my head I can't think of anything that does other than plasma infusers and ambiplasma envelopes, which are tac consoles.
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