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01-01-2013, 12:33 AM
When the transition into Season 7 was in testing, I was really skeptical on the STF set costs, but after getting Tier 5 Omega, I found the sets to be very fair. The price on the Space Sets is en par with the Fleet Advanced and Elite sets, and the ground sets are probably the best deal I seen with Sets since the Borg Set costing 5 EDCs in the old D'vak Store.

But I don't think it's fair to criticise the prices when you are equiping your BOFFS with Mk12s.

With the DOFF upgrade, I found it rather fair since they removed the DOFF rarity from the Fleet Projects, and only asks for commons. Though, I do understand frustration in putting up a day's worth of Dilithium for a Rare or Very Rare DOFF you did not want. But guess Cryptic figures you would put it on the exchange and try again or buy the DOFF you want. Because they did intended DOFFs to be like a trading card game where you trade to get what you want. (Though come to think of it, don't recall DOFFs being advertised in zone chat).

Losing 7000 Experience, that happened to me a couple of times to great frustration and set some of my characters back a few days. This also happened with my Starbase Projects, where it completed and the Experience was not rewarded. CSR basically the "oh sorry" line and never gave anykind of reinbursement to my fleet for all that Dilithium and Rare DOFFs that were lost (this was before Season 7).

Shields and Hull being more fragile, I agree. I believe this was part of the PvP revamp, where they were attempted us to use abilities more (really took us in the wrong direction), and part of it was some abilities were transferred to the Reputation system. So I for one would like them to go backtrack and restore where they were before Season 7.

And the bugs, yes STO needs a major debugging session. So bad I would like them to focus on this instead of Season 8, even if it means setting back a month.