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01-01-2013, 12:51 AM
Sounds like you want a tac. Sci has sort of that role, but only in a team setting, setting up kills for the team to finish, rather than blasting them through on your own. (Tacs, by comparison, wait for the team to set up a kill, then make with the shooty.)

The two passives you will need are Accurate and Evasive. The other two don't particularly matter, so you can pick whatever species you want. Alien, with it's potential 4 space passives, will have a tiny edge over most species, which have a maximum of 3, but the difference is minimal. Alien also has the most dress-up options, and is therefore super OP in at Fashion v Fashion.

There are plenty of guides to setting up a tactical officer for pvp, and they all follow the "super ultra mega spike damage" path, so I won't go into that. Instead, I will just leave you with two things:

1: The Aquarius Destroyer is too fragile for PvP. Get a Fleet Patrol Escort, a Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier, a Fleet Advanced Escort, or if you can afford it, a Jem Hadar Bug.

2: Join a PvP fleet. STO is not a solo game, and you can't learn very much from guides and forum posts.