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Undine Nicor Cruiser (Canon)

Rank/Tier: VA/LG, Tier 5
Type: Warship/Combat Cruiser
Hull: 37500
Shield Modifier: 1.05
Weapons: 4 Fore, 4 Aft
Crew: 350
Console Layout: 4 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 2 Science
Device Slots: 3
Turn Rate: 12.5
Inertia Rating: 50
Impulse Modifier: 0.22
BOff Layout: Cmdr Tactical, LtCmdr Engineering, Lt Tactical, Lt Science, Ensign Universal
Added Bonuses: +1% Damage Resistance to Hull per hit, cap at 10%, cannot activate more than once every 5 seconds (biological adaptation), 5% chance restore 50% hull over 5 seconds when hull drops below 25%, cannot happen more than once every 3 minutes (Undine regeneration), +10 power to Weapons, +5 power to Shields, +5 power to Engines
Special Console: Planet Cracker

Planet Cracker summons 6 additional invincible Nicor Cruisers that channel all of their power to your weapons. Your movement speed and turn rate are reduced by 50% and your shields are also reduced to 50% strength. All excess power is diverted to weapons, all other power levels set to 25. Your weapons are temporarily taken offline after 5 seconds. After 15 seconds, as long as you have not had any debuffs/negative status effects (APB counts) and your ship is still alive, fires a single energy blast that does 5000% of forward energy beam weapon of choice with a 120 degree firing arc (damage is not affected by any buffs on your ship, but is affected by any debuffs on your target). If no beams are equipped, does hit equivalent to 5000% of a single mk XII antiproton beam array at 50 weapons power. This ability has a 2% crit chance with 70% crit severity (crit chance and severity are not affected by your actual weapon fired). This ability can miss. 5 minute cooldown.

Short Description:
I designed this cruiser to be a combat ship. It's BOff setup prefers damage over survivability, but doesn't sacrifice much in either area. The small crew is because the ship is smaller, and mostly armor. This ship is designed to be tough, but fast and maneuverable (hence the high turn rate, inertia, and hull). The two passive abilities are courtesy of this ship being an Undine ship (they come with those abilities already), and the power bonuses are designed for damage and speed and survivability. This ship is not concerned with utility, and as such is weak in the science area. Basically, it's the Nicor cruiser from the show as I envision it in STO, fast, powerful, and tough. However, it cannot equip DHCs. This was especially for the Planet Cracker console in mind. It's designed to be able to move in, start a fight, kill lots, and get out if it has to, but still give lots of pain regardless. And with the random hull regen and hardened hull, it can take a hell of a beating.

Charybdis-Class Destroyer

Rank/Tier: VA, Tier 5
Type: Destroyer
Hull: 35000
Shield Modifier: 1.0
Weapons: 4/3
Crew: 450
Console Layout: 4/3/2
Device Slots: 3
Turn Rate: 14.5
Inertia Rating: 50
Impulse Modifier: .18
BOff Layout: Cmdr Tactical, LtCmdr Universal, Lt Engineering, Lt Science, Ensign Engineering
Added Bonuses: +10 power to Weapons, +10 power to Engines
Special Console: Quasar Gravimetric Amplifier

This console creates a large gravimetric distortion that acts like a massive gravity well, drawing all nearby enemies into it, while dealing massive damage to their hull, shields, and energy levels. The longer you remain in the effect, the greater the gravimetric field, and the greater the effect. The distortion lasts 15 seconds, and has a tether/pull range of 10 km in all directions. The event horizon of the distortion is 4 km. Any target closer than 4 km cannot escape the effect. The distortion can be targeted but cannot be destroyed. After the distortion fades/a target escapes, all targets affected by the distortion suffer a 10 second window in which their engine, shield, and aux power are halved. Also all passive hull and shield regen is halved for the first 5 seconds of freedom. 10 minute cooldown.

Short Description:
The Charybdis is a destroyer. Fast and powerful. Like all destroyers, she's a hybrid escort/cruiser, designed for damage dealing, again with limited utility. But due to her lower hull and engineering consoles, I would recommend you use her like a cat and mouse ship, hitting your target hard, and weathering retaliation, but escaping before too much damage is taken. Her turn rate and impulse modifier allow for such tactics, and her tactical capabilities allow her to deal lots of damage. This ship is DHC capable. The universal LtCmdr is to give her added utility if you need it, or to add to her damage/survivability even more. If you add on the gravimetric amplifier console, this ship can be devastating to single targets or even large groups.

Toroth Class Raider

Rank/Tier: LG, Tier 5
Type: Heavy Raider
Hull: 31500
Shield Modifier: .9
Weapons: 4/3
Crew: 150
Console Layout: 5/2/2
Device Slots: 2
Turn Rate: 22
Inertia Rating: 90
Impulse Modifier: .25
BOff Layout: Cmdr Universal, LtCmdr Universal, Lt Universal, Lt Universal, Ensign Universal
Added Bonuses: +15 power to Weapons, +5 power to Engines, Prototype Battle-cloak
Special Console: Subspace Phase-shift Device

The phase-shifter gives all of your weapons a passive 2.5% shield penetration, and gives your ship a passive 5% defense bonus. When activated, it not only boosts that to 400% (10% shield penetration and defense bonus), but also phase shifts all of your projectile weapons so they hit a target from a random direction with 40% shield penetration. However, if a torpedo is under a spread or high yield effect, it hits the target from the same shield facing you're currently facing. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and has a 5 minute cooldown.

Short Description:
This is basically a purely offensively oriented raider. It's got a higher hull and shield than a bird-of-prey, but lower hull and shields than a raptor. It also has a very high number of tactical consoles, giving it massive damage potential. However it sacrifices in survivability and utility. Like all Bird-of-Prey ships, it has only Universal BOffs. However it is also equipped with a prototype battle-cloak. This battle-cloak enables the ship to fire all weapons while remaining cloaked. You do of course de-cloak for a very short period of time to fire, and then immediately re-cloak upon ceasing. While de-cloaked your shields come back online, and only takes them offline after you've cloaked (this also happens upon initial activation of your cloak). Unlike the standard battle-cloak, this cloak also re-activates your shields upon being targeted under cloak. So if a torpedo follows you into cloak, or you are fired upon while cloaked, you immediately de-cloak and your shields come back online at full power regardless of the condition they were in upon entering cloak. This effect only activates if you are targeted while cloaked. The only drawback to this cloak is that it only lasts for 15 seconds if activated under red-alert, or upon entering red-alert. If activated while not in red-alert, like all cloaks it lasts forever.
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