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# 63 A couple of suggestions
01-01-2013, 02:35 AM
Gateway is definitely a very good idea of a game tool and I think it has great potential, I would support a couple of suggestions I read that i think should be coordinated and integrated.

  • Mobile app: the web interface is functional and it offers the advantage of cross-platform availability, but I think in the end you should also offer a mobile dedicated app for Android and iOS in order to offer a better experience and better performances
  • Assignments and related topics: I think assignments are the most obvious addition you can make to this application.
    Assignments came with a very simple interface in the game already, so I think this is no issue to adapt it to the website. This would allow users to login more frequently to check the progress, collect rewards and start new assignments.
    I suppose it is a common scenario that a lot of users do not login very often in the game because they not always have the PC turned on, but of course they can access the web interface more often and from a various kind of devices.
    In order to make this useful, Inventory and Replicator should also be available. Bonus would be Exchange and maybe R&D

Thanks for listening and keep working on it ;-)