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01-01-2013, 03:19 AM
Originally Posted by lasonio View Post
eeeer have you guys seen the romulan full set? My god is that thing a sight to behold, it makes me want to use plasma and not care bout the consequences.

ATM I'm using the uni-console alone and she's a suitor! Go, go check her out and then look at the set bonuses and tell me that she doesn't make plasma procs worth using, my god my god talk about rome burning this thing will set it on fire and poor on the gasolina!
I have the full singularity harness and I also use the assimilated console and the tachyokinetic converter that all have a crit bonus. With the 3% crit from the Romulan reputation and max crit skills, my crits are at 9%.

The hyperflux is an awesome extra beam overload power that regularly crits for 20k and the hyper plasma torps often crit for 25k each with HY3. With my Fleet Excelsior and 4 purple plasma infuser XII's I get 1220 damage for each fleet advanced plasma beam array. My damage output feels like it's on the Escort level.