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01-01-2013, 03:44 AM
Alright, made a few changes in the equipment department.

1.) Grabbed the Adapted MACO shield. So now I have that plus the KHG engine and deflector. If I am fully engaged, my power levels are obscene... we're talking, I'm actually spending 25 power on Aux but the effective level bounces around 90-93. And the ship flies like a dream (for its class) with this much engine power to play with. Excellent stuff!

2.) Hangar bay changed to Elite Scorpions once I ground out the project. These things were good for almost 2000 DPS all by themselves, in their shakedown mission. And between the plasma turret and the dual plasma cannons, they're not completely useless on shields either.

(Though: They CAN damage you with their heavy plas torps! Be aware of your proximity to target!)

3.) Weaponry changed to:
2 beam arrays
1 turret
3 beam arrays
1 turret

There is a reason. Anybody who has tried broadsiding knows that the power drain on arrays is obscene, due in large part to their extended firing animation. So, I wanted to try and break up the firing patterns to try and even out weapon power levels and it seems to be working.

Stripped off the photon and projectile officers since, as somebody pointed out, my ship was having a bit of an identity crisis about whether it wanted to be pointing at the target or not. The Hargh'peng is a pretty good torpedo with a longish reload time, and seems a good fit for a ship with this level of agility and general desire to be broadside to the target.

4.) After gathering more combat experience with the dual tractor beams, I definitely like having them. Mainly because they let me lock down the enemy and get my broadside right into that sweet <2km range where the damage is most significant. Forget long range bombardment, this configuration is all about grappling hooks and fighting hand to hand over the railing! Also the shield draining starts to be pretty significant (-157 to all shields * 10 "pulses" and there's only 5 seconds of down time between each tractor attack. It's like having a short range 360-degree tachyon beam)

Future experiments...
* Breen cluster torpedo on front? Not a fan of the super slow reload, but it does pack a pretty good whallop.

* Gravity well on LTC science with gravimetric doff for even more superior positioning?

* Energy siphon with deflector doffs shaving the cooldown for better up time? Just how much power CAN we ram into the EPS grid before it melts??

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