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Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
There is no one to blame here for lack of understanding how this FREE ship worked, except for the individual who was too lazy to read even a page of information about the ship.
I disagree. There are many players who are casual, they may not be interested in all the social media feeds or reading the emails from Cryptic, they simply play the game.

What this shows is the biggest issue that the DEV team have - ATTENTION TO DETAIL

Attention to detail is sorely lacking in this game. Time and time again new features are released with no apparent testing by anyone until the players find it. A current example is the FUBAR tailor now it has to deal with Adapted MACO and other costumes, these costumes are all big grind and dil cost items and yet it simply does not work for anyone - ergo it has never been tested.

Items are released all the time with bugs or poorly thought out mecahnics, Starbase BOFFs anyone?

Who now buys Zen anymore? Since the dil changes at the start of season 7 we are down to around 90:1 dil zen ratio, I for one am not buying it for large expensive project and there is nothing left for me personally to buy in the Z store, so no reason to spend money on this game. The dil quickies that were cancelled, because the team thought they were exploits have cause the value of their RL-Game currency Zen to crash, god knows how much money they are losing, once again something was not though through properly.

Whether it's a typo on a Breen ship that causes confusion for casual players, a bug that prevents Starbases from progressing for weeks or a change to the economy that causes a crash, this bug is riddled with "It's good enough" and "working as intended" bugs, typos, untested mechanics and an almost total lack of recognisable QA procedures.

The OP's point is indicative of an underlying issue and is merely the tip of the iceberg in my opinion.

Still an amazing game, I love it, but it makes me pull out what little hair I have left on a daily basis!

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