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I am writing from the perspective of a mostly PvE player that recognizes the importance of PvP towards the health of the game. I may be making a fool of myself, or repeating past threads, but how can it hurt to say it again?

It's exciting to see how many people were interested in taking PvP lessons from more experienced players but there are major hurdles that are ahead of them, some of the same detractors that keep me from delving further into PvP than I have.

What I believe would benefit everyone if instituted:

Separate PvP queues into at least two groups at level 50. Give us Vanilla and Elite matches.
Vanilla matches would only permit players in ships that can be gotten without zen or lockboxes or lobi. All passives from reputation would be turned off, no armor, consoles, or weapons permitted that cannot be crafted or bought at vendors for ec, or be had from loot drops. This would eliminate the advantage from Maco/HG/Borg type gear. Aegis and Featured Episode reward sets would be useful again.

This vanilla style game play would guarantee a wading pool environment for new players and as fair as possible matches for mediocre types like myself to come to master the basics. Should a player rise to the top of the ranks they will likely want to move up to the elite.

Elite matches would be anything goes as is currently the norm.

Elite players should be eligible for a rating based on their successes. Lifetime wins/losses, kill ratio, healing per match, w/e the pvp community values the most. Use the best score from the player's best category so a Tank or Healer won't be penalized for not getting kills.

So rate every player 1-100. A player with no pvp experience is worth 1 point. A vanilla player that has some pvp accolades is worth perhaps 5 points per pvp accolade, let's say 25 points max. An Elite player has the max from vanilla plus their rating accrued in elite pvp matches.

Here's where you tie everybody together...

Have an event at least three times a week, so that NA, Europe, Asia have one in their respective playing windows. Pick a star system and open it up for a queue. Have the Fed and Klingon sides start with whatever is max for an instance. Allow no respawns. You get in the match the order you were queued.

Use the pvp ratings as a point value for each captain, if they are killed that is added to the other faction's score. This would make our best PvP captains take their rightful place among the fleet. We would need to protect them, or combine to take them out. They would be our heroes on the field as all our PvP ratings are visible above our ship during the fight.

If anytime before the end of the event one side runs out of captains and the other side completely holds the field the match is over. Otherwise at the end of the event, tally the scores. Give a grand prize to whomever scores the biggest total for the hour and a prize for whomever over achieves the most (with a minimum of five kills). If I as a vanilla player maxed out at 25 points gets killing blows on several elites, those kill points divided by my own value of 25 would give me the ratio used. This would also serve as a handicap for the best players.

To avoid abuse, those that enter the match with ships that would qualify as vanilla builds would be maxed at a 25 point value but if the same player showed up in a non-vanilla build they would have their elite rating of 26-100 points active. Any player without an elite rating couldn't enter the match in an elite build.

If desired, one match could be a free-for-all as mentioned previously, the other two could be attacking/defending a starbase like in fleet events. Fed defends KDF attacks, alternate shuffling that weekly. If your base is destroyed, no further friendly captains are allowed in the map and the match ends when you run out of ships or time runs out. These maps would further promote healer builds to keep the base alive and give points for healing. Give points based on total damage and total healing instead of kills due to starbase interaction.

To make this worth everybody's time and get their interest, have all the players of the winning faction that log in within eight hours of the match get a reward of 1k dilithium.
The high scorer from the match would get 4k and an accolade. The player with the highest kill points to personal value ratio would get their daily cap of 8k filled with an accolade. If that same person gets both honors give them a trophy and title with that 12k dil. Maybe they should get a special uniform unlock so we can see who they are on the ground. When we log in there could be a pop-up alert with the details, reward to claim, and names of the heroes from the last match.

I think this type of system would get everybody playing PvP at the level of their comfort.
Interest in ratings and possible rewards would inspire purchases of ships and gear.
Players would return to the game to take part.

So... Does this make sense?
Is it childish and uninformed?
Is it too complicated?
Does it not benefit PWE and their ROI so it won't happen?
Is it technically impossible?

I honestly don't know, just taking a stab here.
Regardless, I will say thank you to the devoted PvP players that have shared their knowledge to make even PvE types like myself have better builds and thus more fun.