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Because it makes business sense. You do the least amount of work to please the greatest number of people. In other words, what's going to give the largest return on investment. Why hasn't the KDF faction been fully developed in the almost 3 years since the game launched? Because not enough people are playing KDF to justify spending the money. This extends to the entire game. You can design a game to be PVE or PVP, not really both at the same time. Games designed from the ground up to be PVP have clunky PVE experience, and vice versa. The game has already made the choice to be PVE, with a multitude of missions that can be run solo or with a team against the AI plus purely personal systems like doffing and reputation. And most players do not do PVP because of this focus on everything else. It makes the most business sense to concentrate on improving and streamlining that experience in preference to PVP.

Thus my comments about tricobalt torpedoes being pretty much crap in PVE even while some PVP players use them and why this is wrong. An option is being balanced for a minority of players instead of a majority. There was another discussion about how overpowered and stupid Subnucleonic Beam is because it has no preventative counters... Which is an even better example of PVP and PVE running at cross purposes. At least tricobalt torpedoes do explode on target and get the job done in a clumsy and inefficient way. But in PVE, subnuke beam is next to useless and by far the weakest ability Science captains have. PVP and PVE play completely differently due to the different behaviors of your opponent and the nature of encounters, and trying to shoehorn both types of gameplay into the same set of numbers just frustrates people.

If you want really nice PVP, the two systems need to be separated. PVP ships and abilities need to be in their own pocket of reality that exist purely to make PVP ships and abilities competitive and fair in the context of PVP. The problem is, doing PVP off within its own bubble where it can be done properly is a huge cost. So it hasn't been done.
The above is fallacy.

Why aren't enough people playing KDF? Because Cryptic scrapped the KDF faction and relegated it to monster play after two years of Jack Emmert-esque statements reiterating the game as a full two faction experience. People aren't playing KDF after they left in disgust since Cryptic wouldn't spend the money necessary for pre-launch development.
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