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01-01-2013, 05:40 AM
Originally Posted by duaths1 View Post
so you say in order to participate i would have to strip my ship and BUY new equipment, when my ship's build is BASED on the bonuses which a set or two gives?

i don't like the idea
Do you mean in order to enter the hour-long events? If so, you wouldn't have to strip anything. You would have had to been in enough pvp matches previously to qualify as a 26 out of 100 score to enter with a non-vanilla build.

If you had all your pvp accolades and participated in elite pvp, i dunno via a tutorial mission or something, you'd be at 26.

The hour long special events will have every conceivable type of ship/build flying around in them, all shooting at each other. You will either enter as a normal vanilla build or an elite for the sake of maintaining a minimum/maximum values for what kills are worth.

If an accomplished elite pvper chose to enter in a vanilla build for the challenge of it or to increase their chance at the over-achiever accolade, they would be worth the max 25 points.

If you mean something else, please explain.