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Originally Posted by warpedcore View Post
The Devs have to the best of my knowledge, never fixed graphic issues with Starships. There used to be an entire thread of issues requiring attention on Starship models, that went mostly unanswered for over a year. Until CapnLogan decided we'd hurt his feelings and went to work elsewhere.
Misinformation at best, hyperbole most definately, blatant and vulgar lie at worst.

The devs have fixed cosmetic changes with ships in STO numerous times. Go look through the history of patch notes, and you will find bullet points in various ones regarding these cosmetic changes. The Sovereign was virtually overhauled into being very near canon compared to the half-done effort at launch. The Galaxy was changed numerous times, including window placement after thorough research by extraordinary OCD Trek fans. And that's just off the top of my head.

Slam CapnLogan if you must, but it was because of his diligence and his hard work that many of these fixes were made with canon ships in the game. If you think graphics issues were never changed in STO, you should rewind the clock and look at STO at Season 1 and the canon ships then.

Dial down the vitriole and bring fact-based logic into a fight instead of emotion-based logic, please.  39147

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