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01-01-2013, 06:33 AM
congratulations for having skills?!

Real or imagined is irrelevant, if there is a hindrance to the growth of PvP it should be dealt with I think. The fact that the boot camp got good numbers tells me there may be a great many intimidated players.

You may in fact have superior natural abilities, good manual dexterity, vision, and a better understanding of mechanics and bo powers. You are more than welcome to do elite pvp in an inferior build if you prefer. More power to you. For my purposes in the proposed weekly events I'd still rate you a 25 for having no frills. If that annoys you, slap something fancy on in one of your slots and get credit for your elite rating you've racked up.

As far as having a normal/vanilla queue...
(: Would you begrudge me for wanting to pvp against my peers who may be on average less skilled? Either way, if you were using a vanilla build as you say, you'd be able to queue up for either group.

I get my pvp kicks in Kerrat mostly because I can show up in inferior gear and not hurt a team if I fare poorly. I kill more than I am killed surprisingly (likely due to cloaking), but I notice when it takes three to five players to knock off a jem hadar. I'd like to try playing where those don't exist, or console spam, or shield-stripping pets for that matter. May I?