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01-01-2013, 06:36 AM
Originally Posted by heresincebeta View Post
Absolutely spot on! The best part of PVP in this game is how relevant it is... you can make meaningful differences in the game world based on your performance... if you perform poorly you can lose assets... it really matters.

Oh wait. It doesn't. PVP is just a 5-v-5 simulation grind. It has always been disconnected from the rest of the STO experience. It's too bad it's this way, but until losing a ship actually matters (more than waiting 10 seconds to respawn), or until success in PVP can impact the larger game world, it's kinda passe.
I was kinda hoping that having PvP victories bring dilithium rewards to the entire faction of the victor would create some meaning. The normal pvp queues would grant standing and w/e pvp daily type rewards we already get, but the big game-wide events would get loot for everybody.