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01-01-2013, 07:17 AM
Although I do agree that ignoring these kind of ppl may work sometimes, if the problem persists the company who distributes and owns the rights to an environment/game should legally be obligated to handle this situation or risk prosecution themselves. Sounds harsh, I know, but inevitably STO is an online community and culture. Given that this is in fact STAR TREK of all things there should be a ZERO tolerance policy on said behaviour! These individuals should be banned from the game entirely for being racist!

Cyberbulling has become an epidemic and one that needs to be addressed by the community on whole. I think the names of these individuals should be posted to 1) shame them and 2) give us all a heads up as to who to ignore and avoid via the in-game tools. I have heard and seen other players behave terribly against others and its uncalled for. This is, after all, a game. That being said, if you ever need an extra ship let me know.... I am always up for hunting bullies.