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01-01-2013, 06:32 AM
i agree, this season the bug fixing fell kind of short and they have introduced a lot of new bugs.

my client keeps crashing when i swap between fullscreen and windowed mode, also randomly when i beam down to new romulus

graphics errors like flickering space backgrounds and suns are worse than ever

the HUD options are a mess, i can't change nothing because then all my On mouse Overs are just GONE and won't work again

the Power Bar is a mess since S7...

there is real bad Lag when moving items around your Account Bank and other things... (sometimes takes 10 seconds until the hypos i just bought appear in the inventory)...

when i look at the patchnotes since S7 i don't see much bug fixing either, i only seen the worst game breaking bugs taken care of but not much else, i hope this will be a bit more of a priority when they come back from their holidays etc.

i am also still confused by the PvE queue renaming of STFs... in particular when i want to start a private queue i have to look 3 times what i am about to start, why cant they just name it "Into the Hive - Space (Elite)" instead of giving every map some odd name.

just like ebay and youtube always changing stuff around for the sake of changing stuff around...

for the cost of maco sets etc. i'm not there yet, getting 10 character through the Rep System is not very challenging, but very time consuming.
by now i would be done with all of it if it wasn't for the stupid 20 delay each button press takes (and it's not even FUN if every XP project is exactly the same as the one yesterday!)

the weirdest thing i've noticed about the rep system is that in the beginning i did not have to do any STF's because of the conversion crate, but did a lot of Romulan PvE queue missions. Then i got a taste for Eppoh tagging thx to the winter event, now all my 10 chars have 500 - 1000 romulan marks, should be enough to get me to the end of Tier 5, but not my Borg marks from the crate ran out and i have to do some STFs again.

Seriously with just one character this would be BORING, (with 10 it is a bit of work)
1 STF every 2 days and a bit of eppoh tagging... that isn't exactly a challenging gameplay experience.
Just a time and currency sink. I do not feel like i *earned* my rewards but that i've just *unlocked* them, which is rather accurate considering that everything is just a store unlock that has to be paid for again.

In the old STF way i felt like i EARNED my Gear and was pumped up every time one set item dropped... it was hard it was grindy but it was rewarding, now it is unlocking a shop button that requires more grind, just like the Fleetbase stuff.

for the DOff thing... i got my purples before they added the up/downgrinder and you can still get them by PLAYING the DOff System. I do not rely on this NPC, either it is useful or not, in the current form it is not so i will just not use it anymore.