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01-01-2013, 06:37 AM
Ok a few questions, if you cant answer them all thats fine.. so here we go..

1) With having a more bigger Dev team which has been mentioned by Dan Stahl, why are there alot of constant issues being overlooked that make it onto holodeck, and has been like this for quite sometime now? What is the process that the developement team does to insure bugs dont make it to holodeck? I can understand you can't get every single bug fixed but it seems like there is no attention to people posting bugs on the tribble forums, and the same bugs that are discussed before you guys patch, seem to make it to holodeck never the less. And one final note is that with a bigger team, one would assume that projects would also not fall behind, why are ships such as the andorian ship for example being pushed back.. is your team not fully capable of handling this game?

2) With most successfull MMO's, there has always been a constant "theme" that Developers over the course of the games life introduce new classes to the game. To give the game more variety. When can we see a new class be introduced for STO? We currently have Engineers, Science and Tactical captains, what about a possible "Command" Class?

3) When can we see new improvements to the game, that have been talked about for quite sometime.. for example "new hair tech, exploration revamp, pvp "not that I care for this personally, but iam sure others do", the map to rule them all "sectors connected togeather"?

4) KDF Content, when can we see a huge improvement to this faction that has been "to me" neglected on a constant basis. Such improvements as, New uniforms, new ships, missions that spand to end level like the Federation "faction" and so on.
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