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Originally Posted by prestonpool View Post
First complaint is the amount of dilithium required for the Maco, Omega, Honor Guard sets is outragious. Then when we get the stuff we need for the ground sets we still have to pay even more dilithium to unlock the costumes for the grounds. Your estimates of acquiring the sets is way out of proportion it is actually taking me longer to get the Mk XII sets then the old system and to outfit my BOFFs well I can forget that on this or any other toon as I have other uses for my resources unlike my other toon which has the sets X, XI, and XII on all my BOFFs when are you guys/ladies going to stop making it harder on us players to get the stuff we need the game is starting to feel more like a job and not as enterainment like it is suppose to?
You must have been lucky under the old system, it took me 8 months (from December to July) to get the Mk XII MACO shield on one of my characters, and that was with at least 2 ISE every day.
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