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01-01-2013, 07:41 AM
Your Tac powers will buff the damage, shield drain, and (I believe) energy drain of your science powers. This is nice as it makes your powers stronger, but without SNB to remove the counters that these abilities prompt, remember that your "target is debuffed" windows will generally be smaller than Sci cappy's. You'll also, likely, find that things like Tractor Beams will be harder to stick to people as you'll be prompting the use of counters to clear them vs clearing said counters and then using the ability.

If you're going to stick to PvE, you should try and get yourself setup with shield drains and quantum torps w/appropriate doffs (you'll mangle things and virtually never be a detriment to your team). Or powerful grav wells. Just make sure you fill your Sci console slots in the same manner you would your Tac slots (IE: if you're focusing on drains, wall-to-wall Flow Caps; damage, wall-to-wall Particle Gens; etc.). PvP is a trickier beast. Hull hit is a lot more viable as players don't have inflated HP, so TBR and Transphasic weapons can be very effective, especially against ships that lack hull robust hull heals. The new Romulan T5 ability with Gravity Well deserves special mention as being something not to be underestimated (imagine Eject Warp Plasma 3 that drags you in and then starts melting your hull).

The main thing to remember is that you'll only have 2-3 Tac consoles ever to work with, so you'll be relying on your Sci powers to do more of your heavy lifting and damage dealing than if you were in, say, a Raptor or Bird of Prey or certain Battlecruisers.