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01-01-2013, 07:49 AM
I say go for it

Gone ate the days in this game where a captain is stuck with the ships in the same class

Yeah it's limited in tac slots and tac Boffs

So what, aslong as you don't expect the same damage as an escort then don't worry

Spec into sci powers and spool up grav well 3 bolt some single cannons on the front bit of rapid fire and watch those NPC's pop

Yeah maybe not at the rate of a bop or raptor or destroyer but at least you'll have fun plus you'll have 14k shields per facing which means you'll last a lot longer than a boringscort

Elite cube -

Heghta bop - 50 seconds approx depending on buffs

Guramba - 20 seconds approximately depending on buffs

Varanus - 1min 40 approximately depending on buffs