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Originally Posted by lasonio View Post
omg... this ship is built and destined to be a sci's wet dream and you people are still hurting her...

How many builds for this ship have we discussed and yet every other week there's 2-4 more on the threads...

it's kinda to the point that I'm not sure what to say.... as a sci/eng officer with AUX... aux! you should be able to make this Beauty into a beast.

Do you know how far out of your way, off the beaten path, and over the rainbow you have to go to make this ship terrible? I think at this point you have to take college courses to do it... maybe get a degree I'm horrible and still have to work, and put your kids through that same terrible college of futility till you retire to make this ship bad and yet people constantly do it. It boggles the mind.

DHC's? Seriously? DHC's on a ship that has AUX Canons? Punch yourself in the throat and then go sit quietly in the back of the classroom. Not every ship needs DHC's, it's to the point now hat i hate the word DHC's when i see them on the batlefield i want to attack the person using them... it's like I'm being cursed at or something. I hate the fact that they even let feds get them and I'm pure fed, it's gotten to the point that for each person to make themselves sound like they know what they are saying they yell DHC, like that is the cure all answer to everything. You could ask, "Hey, how are you doing?" "DHC." Wtf? Not every ship needs to become a bat popping fiend to be good, if so then you my friend ar a one trick pony and probably regurging someone else's builds, and parading it as if it was your own, lord knows i should have coined my builds. In fact this ship is designed specifically not to use weapons set up. It's designed to make scis and engs relevant on the battlefield. Anyone that says put weapons on this ship that;s not torps or aux cannons please for the love of god run from them. That person is dangerously stupid. weapons energy will be so far diluted by the shields and the aux that it will be just... stupid. what are you going to shoot for? 100-200 damage? Congrats it's boy. I hope you're happy. if you need to add weapons don't add them for offense unless you want to scaff sheilds, add them for defense. Like a beam or two so you can use befaw to as a pre shield against fighters and plasma torps or something. you don't need to be strong in weapons to do this you just need to be acc.

very simple, skill wise you're on your own, we have made enough topics bout this ship so finding one will be easy enough. DPS wise please get the tac vesta, aux cannons to the face with a spinal lance chaser and a torp spread I'm not sure if their will be enough of the enemy to identify after that.

Good luck and be careful with the advice you take in, not every expert is an expert and not every poster knows what they are talking about..... DHC's... just shoot me.
Umm hate to burst your crazy DHC hating bubble, but the Aux cannons are...Aux Phaser Dual Heavy yeah still using DHCs even if you are using the Aux ones...the Aux DHCs are identical to regular DHCs except in that they use Aux power instead of Weapon power.