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Believe it or not, your eyes don't deceive you and no the thread title isn't a misprint. Originally the higher end Engineering power consoles added closer to 7 to a particular system. They were cut in half around the time that Cryptic expressed concern that power levels were remaining higher than intended. This was also just before the introduction of things like Team Batteries, Leech, MACO Shields, and eventually a few different types of Battery extending/cool down reducing Doffs (to name a few). But I digress, still operating under the premise that power levels won't be increased what can we do to make these consoles more appealing and increase variability in Engineering Console slots?

Make the power bonus from the console permanent.
- That is to say, when there is a disable proc from Phasers, Beam Target Subsystems, Doff Bonus debuffs, and the like, anyone running the power console for that ability will lose all power accept for the small bonus from the console itself.
- But it's such a tiny amount of power, does it really even matter? This keeps the system online which means your shields don't drop, you can still fire torpedoes and your own subsystem disable, you can still use Science abilities, and while you will be slow you won't be dead in the water.

The KHG Kick Start Ability
- This would be a much stronger buff by virtue of Kick Starting any system for which you have a power console equipped. You go offline for 1 second and then you are back in business.
- But a Cruiser could run all four types and never be disabled. True, but they also have to give up resistance consoles and buffs to healing skills so it is a bit of a double edged sword. Another benefit would be viable alternatives to stacking consoles that have diminishing returns.

Bonus to Skill Tree
- This could be a bit redundant since the power bonus itself already basically does this, but what if the consoles also added a +10 (totally random number meant to be small but not insignificant) to the skill tree of the corresponding console that scaled with the quality of the console? I'm not looking at the skill tree right now but I'm thinking the impulse thruster stat would obviously make you a little faster. Weapon power would add points to Weapon Training or Targeting. Aux power consoles would boost... something... sciency...
- Admittedly this is one I kind of liked but I recognize that it crosses some boundaries that could step on the toes of other slot types as well as create potentially over powered combinations (weapon power consoles adding skill points to the Tac Skill tree in addition to the interaction from stacked weapon Tac consoles could create nasty damage potential). Maybe any skill points added by these consoles should be specific to the Engineering section of the Skill Tree.

So none of these are perfect suggestions, nor are they particularly easy to implement I'm sure. Some might even still be a bit lack luster but I'd hate to lobby for a buff that goes too far and breaks things further. These suggestions are merely aimed at making existing options more appealing without making the next must have piece. A straight power level increase might be easier but seems awfully boring (plus power levels are too high already).

I know it's easy to get caught up in the nerf madness by simple virtue of over powered things being so much more detrimental to the game. While I don't believe in the assertion that when one thing is OP everything should be brought up to that level, I do believe that some things could use a boost. Power consoles need some love. So what do you think?
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